Q&A: Getting the Most Out of Your Conference Experience

Jennifer Ellis, Folk Music Ontario // Member Music Canada Live

What research should be made in advance of attending a conference?

Once they’re published (usually around mid-summer), look over the delegate directory and preliminary conference schedule several times to be familiar with who will be there, and what you (and they) will be doing.

When should you book your hotel room?

There is always a cutoff date for discounted room rates – usually some time in mid- to late-September. Book well in advance of this date to get the negotiated block rate and to ensure that you get a room in the host hotel.

Staying in the host hotel makes attending the late night showcases and early morning workshops/panels a bit more manageable!

What makes the most effective promo for artist reps?

Artist reps may want to pass out postcards with the artist’s showcasing schedule to everyone they meet at the conference, and CDs to selected people. A well-designed 11” x 17” poster is useful if you are hosting a private showcase.

What are the most effective tools for scheduling?

The most basic scheduling tools are the conference program and the showcase guide.

The app will allow you to see the most current information, including updates that come up during the conference itself. Push notifications serve as useful reminders that things are about to take place.

How does one make their registration experience very smooth?

Make sure to register AHEAD of the conference, both to get the best rates and to make picking up your badge at the hotel easier.

Please try to inform the conference if you want someone else to pick up your badge to facilitate your experience.