Music Canada’s Graham Henderson: A Manifesto for Artist Rights

Graham Henderson, President and CEO of our members Music Canada, delivered an impassioned speech entitled “The Broken Promise of a Golden Age : How creators got squeezed out in the digital era, and what can be done to restore their rights. on Nov 1 at the Economic club of Canada.

Covering the change in the music industry through the lens of the digital age, Henderson highlighted everything from legislation to music education, making a case for artist rights and how to better support them.

“Canada is home to one of the most vibrant live music scenes in the world. Provinces and municipalities are awake to the music tourism opportunities this presents. This is an easy one Ottawa:  tell the rest of the world what a brilliant destination we are for music tourism; market music! Brand Canada as one of the greatest live music scenes in the world, and brag about it! “Graham Henderson,  President and CEO of Music Canada

For more information on this speech, or to watch it in full, visit Music Canada.