Music Canada Live: Making a Difference

Music Canada Live supports live music in Canada. Here’s an example of how…

In June, an East Coast festival promoter faced a challenge. His insurance company pulled his (3rd annual) heavy metal festival’s policy mere weeks before the event, citing concern over the liquor selling arrangement and the fact that it was a “heavy metal” music event. While it wasn’t new for the venue to manage liquor sales this way, it was a new venue for the event, and the insurance company deemed the scenario too high risk.

The promoter contacted Music Canada Live for help, and within 30 minutes the Board had provided multiple other insurance contacts, had reached out to their own companies with personal requests for action and a solution was found. This is one way Music Canada Live is ensuring the conditions for concerts to thrive, right across the country for both for and not-for-profit organizations big and small.  

“Music Canada Live helped me in times of need when it was proving to be tough finding insurance for my Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival in Nova Scotia. Erin and the team worked in extremely quick fashion to come to my aid with contacts and advice which helped me get what I needed and continue on with the show to showcase the amazing bands involved. Looking VERY forward to the future of Music Canada Live.”  Jay- Smokin’ Blues Fest and Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival.
By working together and championing the value of live music, Music Canada Live makes a difference.