Canadian Heritage Web Portal Consultation: Canadian Content in a Digital World

The web-portal for Canadian Heritage’s consultation on “Canadian Content in a Digital World” launched September 13, 2016.

Music Canada Live would like to encourage our members and supporters to take advantage of the “Have your say” section which presents users with both a long consultation paper and a shorter more plain language summary version allowing participants to reflect on a series of strategic questions.

As the rate of technological advancement increases, our economy is more and more dependent on innovation to fuel growth. Innovative businesses such as are found in live music increase productivity, solve pressing problems and create valuable new products and services that enrich our lives and stimulate consumption of all kinds.  You, your companies and organizations are a critical part of the cultural food chain that create and deliver unique and rich arts and cultural experiences for audiences. In person and online.

Canadian Heritage is looking forward to having an important public discussion about the future of Canadian content in a digital world in the months ahead. The deadline to participate in these consultations is November 25, 2016.
Visit the portal today at