Canadian Heritage Web Portal Consultation: Canadian Content in a Digital World

Music Canada Live would like to continue to encourage our members and supporters to take advantage of the “Have your say” section of the web-portal for Canadian Heritage’s consultation on “Canadian Content in a Digital World”. It presents users with both a long consultation paper and a shorter more plain language summary version allowing participants to reflect on a series of strategic questions.

“The live music space provides the foundation for the creation of Canadian content and produces many direct economic, social and cultural benefits to Canadians. Music Canada Live continues to reinforce that any digital policy plan must include live music performance policy and activities within its scope to reinforce the importance of the work of concert promoters, venues, festivals, clubs, halls and the stakeholders who support their activity. Please help us to share this vital message with the Minister of Canadian Heritage by adding your voice to the consultations.” Erin Benjamin, Executive Director Music Canada Live
deadline to participate in these consultations is November 25, 2016.

Visit the portal today at