British Columbia Live Music Research

“Assessing the live music industry in BC has never been more important. There’s a wealth of talent, vision and drive in the province that will benefit from informed direction for positive growth, and this study is a big first step toward that goal.” – Nate Sabine, Director of Business Development at Music Canada Live member, This Is Blueprint.

On October 18, 2017, Music Canada Live announced two important music studies being conducted in British Columbia:

  • Music Canada Live is conducting an Economic Impact Assessment of BC’s Live Music Sector. The study is being facilitated by Nordicity and will focus on the live music sector by profiling BC-based venues, festivals and promoters.  In addition to analyzing the economic impact of live music in BC, the study will make key recommendations for developing growth through things such as music tourism.

  • The City of Vancouver’s Music Ecosystem Study will analyze strengths, weaknesses and gaps that exist in the industry, Vancouver’s infrastructure and its music community in order to create a strategy to help nurture and maintain a healthy music economy in Vancouver.  A music ecosystem and audit will be conducted by Sound Diplomacy.

Over the course of the next few months, BC stakeholders will be asked to engage with the research in a variety of ways. We hope to have your support to ensure robust, compelling data – data that will create the argument for stronger, long-lasting public policy and funding.