Member Profile: Lula Music + Arts

Lulaworld Opening Night 2014 - Kobotown, Photographer: Anna Encheva

Lulaworld Opening Night 2014 – Kobotown, Photographer: Anna Encheva

Meet Tracy Jenkins of Lula Music & Arts Centre, home to great live salsa, jazz, Brazilian, African and world music.  Lula is a unique experience for concert goers with dinner and dance lessons occurring every weekend as well as a series of educational workshops celebrating French and Spanish culture to secondary school language and music students.

First concert you ever saw

The first concert that I will admit to attending was the Police Picnics with James Brown, King Sunny Ade and Peter Tosh.


What the thing that most pleasantly surprises people about seeing a show at Lula Lounge?

The intimacy of the concerts, it’s a small cozy room and the artists often stay and have a drink and talk with the audience after their shows. At the same time people are sometimes surprised by the calibre of the musicians in their community. We have some of the world’s best Latin players right here in Toronto.

Most memorable moment in your room (doesn’t have to be an artist performance but concert related)

Norah Jones had concert at Lula as she started the Canadian tour for her second record. We were still a pretty new venue. It was an amazing show. Norah had so much buzz around her at that moment and here she was at Dufferin and Dundas. Other highlights have been John Cale, The Mahotella Queens and Ricardo Lemvo.

Most anticipated upcoming event
As we write this we are rehearsing a 29-piece ensemble headed by Grammy winning Panamanian pianist Danilo Perez and Juno winning bassist Roberto Ochhipinti, featuring the incredible Brian Blade, John Patitucci, Miguel Zenon and Jane Bunnett alongside students from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute in Boston and 14 top local players. They will premiere a new commission by Perez at Koerner Hall on July 22.