Live Music Industry Urged to Participate in Heritage Consultation

On April 22nd the Department of Canadian Heritage announced the launch of consultations regarding the review of major cultural policy frameworks including the Broadcasting Act, Copyright Act, Telecommunications Act, CRTC, CBC, NFB, Telefilm Canada, Canada Council for the Arts and the Canada Music Fund.

Minister Joly seeks to establish a new model through structural reforms to better leverage the “tremendous potential for Canada’s economic growth and prosperity, attracting talent and investment while increasing our global competitiveness”. The online survey will touch on key and potentially controversial issues facing these industries, and input from Canada’s live music stakeholders is paramount.

The live music industry has a major place at the heart of Canada’s future cultural policy framework. It brings Canadians together… it facilitates access to music for fans and audiences in our cities, towns and villages, generates opportunities for artists, create jobs, bring neighbours and communities together and helps to drive regional, provincial and national tourism and local economies.

The importance of live music and its role within the creative industries will compliment and support a great number of components of policy that the government will be exploring – creativity and innovation, quality of life and economic development, diversity and inclusiveness.

As the rate of technological advancement increases, our economy is more and more dependent on innovation to fuel growth. Innovative businesses such as are found in live music increase productivity, solve pressing problems and create valuable new products and services that enrich our lives and stimulate consumption of all kinds.  You, your companies and organizations are a critical part of the cultural food chain that create and deliver unique and rich arts and cultural experiences for audiences.

The live music industry is more organized than at any other time in its history. This is our opportunity to work together to articulate the value of our work and the broad implications for audience, artists and governments.

Global evidence suggesting live music benefits our society, from local economies to quality of life, education and health, is mounting. Our sector represents the kind of partnership opportunities that are the essence of private/public sector collaboration – all while consumers are voting with their feet and hard earned dollars. Millions of Canadians who attended a concert say that music matters to who they are.

Let’s help the Government of Canada understand the importance and value of live music as they seek to make potentially monumental changes to the policy infrastructure we have known for decades.  Live music has a great deal of room to grow in terms of federal policy and programs, and your opinions will absolutely help to create our opportunities of the future.

Your individual voices will matter.  Many, many other industries will contribute to the survey – live music’s importance must be championed by all of us.

Please take a moment to complete the survey here. Survey will be open until May 20th, 2016.