One Industry, One Voice: Your Voice – Calling All Canadian Live Music Stakeholders

Music Canada Live is the new national trade association for the live music industry. It seeks to create the conditions for concerts to thrive and needs your participation in one of our national stakeholder consultations to: help prioritize and shape future programs and services. Consultations are a key part of building our strategic plan, to be launched in June during NXNE.

Canadian concert promoters, presenters, festivals, venues, clubs, agents, ticketing companies and others whose core business is live music – of all sizes and geographic locations – are urged to participate in one of the following consultations (held online + by telephone, accessible from anywhere, all times Eastern):

May 19, 1:00pm
May 19, 3:00pm
May 21, 1:00pm
May 21, 3:00pm
May 22, 1:00pm
May 22, 3:00pm

“Music Canada Live is the key to unlocking the potential of Canada’s live music scene. Concerts are among the most powerful economic drivers, agents for social change, and platforms for cultural expression. We’re here to share that story and help create an environment where all the people and businesses behind those concerts can enjoy great success however they define it.” Jesse Kumagai, Board President – Music Canada Live

Email for your personal invitation and visit for more information.